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Terms of service

These are PICadvanced Terms and Conditions. When you place an order at our online store, you’re accepting the Terms and Conditions presented on this page.

1. General


1.1 This Online Store Terms and Conditions (Terms and Conditions) sets out the legal terms between the online platform PICadvanced Store and PICadvanced Store users. The Terms and Conditions will include all the information that users need to know before they proceed with the contract. The online platform mentioned above is PICadvanced, S.A.’s online store (PICadvanced Online Store), which will be better described in point 1.5, and is accessible to the public via These Terms and Conditions will also set the Online Store user policy and privacy policy.

1.2 By using PICadvanced online store, the User (User or Registered User) agrees to bound by these Terms and Conditions. If the User does not agree with these Terms and Conditions, the User will not be able to use PICadvanced online store services and should leave the website immediately. For further clarification, Users can reach PICadvanced Customer Service Team, using the Contact Form available in the “Let’s Talk” section of the PICadvanced online store, in


1.3 PICadvanced Online Store services consist in components and services related to photonics in general and optoelectronic transceivers for telecommunication applications.

1.4 PICadvanced will be responsible for managing the relationship with the person that acquires services online (the Customer).


1.5 PICadvanced, S.A. is based in Universidade de Aveiro Incubator, PCI - Creative Science Park, Via do Conhecimento, 3830-352 Ílhavo, Portugal with the share capital of €50.003,00, registered in Conservatória do Registo Comercial, with the VAT number 513 275 029. PICadvanced general email address is, and the Customer Service number is +351 234 243 844.

2. Order contract


2.1 Placing an Order. To acquire any Items in PICadvanced online store, Customers need to place an order by following the order online procedure, available in the FAQ “How can I place an order with PICadvanced Online Store?”, available at

2.1.1 Besides the pre-order information provided via these Terms and Conditions, Product Information will be given to the Customer, during the ordering process, such as:

a) General information about the Items, namely technical product features, product applications and applicable compatibility standards.

b) Price, including taxes.

2.1.2 During the ordering process the Customer is able to consult the Terms and Conditions, at any time.

2.1.3 The Customer can only place an order online if he meets the requirements from point 2.4 and if he agrees with the Terms and Conditions, by ticking the specific field with the following text: “I have read and agree”.

2.1.4 To complete the purchase, the Customer needs to click the button “Continue”, recognizing that they accept the order and agree with the payment obligation, using any of the payment methods available, and following the payment instructions.


2.1.5 Product information and the Terms and Conditions are part of the Contract.


2.2 Order Confirmation. After placing the order properly, an email will be forwarded to the email address provided by the Customer, within a maximum period of 24 hours, to confirm the purchase and that the Customer agreed with the Terms and Conditions. This Email Confirmation will contain the Order Number, the Order Date, Information about the purchased Products, the shipping address, provided by the customer, as well as the payment and shipping method selected. Once this email is received, the Contract is considered valid. The invoice will be sent in paper format along with the purchased Items; it will also be available, in digital format, in My Account. If the Customer would like to have another copy, this should be requested directly to PICadvanced, using the Contact Form available in

2.3 Geographical Constraints. For any applicable Geographical Constraints on order delivery, PICadvanced team will contact the affected Customer directly.


2.4 Majority and Legal Capability. Contracts with PICadvanced online store can only be celebrated with people over 18 years old and legally capable. The celebration of the Contract can only be valid if the Customer declares that he meets the eligibility criteria, and that all the information provided is true.


2.5 My Account. Creating an account can be done at any moment and is suggested by the website as a step, before moving to the payment section, when placing an order. The only information needed to create an account is an e-mail address, desired password, full name and VAT number. The Customer can also create an account using social media data, such as Facebook or Google.


3. Order cancellation


3.1 Orders placed in the PICadvanced online store can be canceled in the following situations:

a) The Item is unavailable;

b) The Customer did not complete the payment for the amount stipulated in the Contract.


3.2 An Order Cancellation automatically ends the Contract.


3.3 The Customer is informed of the Order Cancellation via email, to the email address provided, as brief as possible, in a maximum period of 30 days, counting from the day when the Order Confirmation Email is sent.


3.4 If an Order is canceled by no stock, the Customer is fully reimbursed. The refund should be processed immediately, in a maximum period of 10 working days, from the day when the Customer received the Order Confirmation Email, as set in section 8.1.4.


3.5 Besides what is described on section 3.4, if an Order is cancelled, PICadvanced does not owe any amount to the Customer, such as interests, indemnification or compensation.


3.6 If the Customer places an Order for two or more Items and some of them are not available, the Customer can decide to cancel the whole order (Full Cancellation), or to keep the rest of the items (Partial Cancellation). The Customer will be fully refunded if he decides to go with the Full Cancellation, or for the amount correspondent to the item canceled if he partially cancels the order. In both situations, the Customer will be refunded immediately, in a maximum period of 10 working days, counting from the date when the customer made this decision, as mention in section 8.1.4.

4. Pricing


4.1 The prices are set by PICadvanced and they can be altered at any time; these changes will not affect orders that are already being processed under the terms discussed in section 2.2.


4.2 The prices shown on the Online Store already include the legal VAT, except if the Customer is located in Portugal, in which case 23% VAT will be added at checkout.


4.3 The Item prices are set in Dollars; all Customer payments will be processed in this currency.


4.4 The Item prices are the ones displayed, unless any errors occur, detected by PICadvanced before orders are delivered. In such cases, the Customer will immediately be notified via email. The Customer then should decide if he would like to keep the order and honor the correct price, or to cancel the Order. If the Customer chooses the cancellation or if he doesn’t answer within 10 days, he will be fully reimbursed, and the Contract will be canceled. The refund should be processed within a maximum of 10 working days, starting from the date when the Order is canceled, as per section 8.1.4.


5. Payment methods


5.1 The payment methods available for the Customer, in the PICadvanced online store are: Credit Card, PayPal and Manual Payment. Regarding credit card payments, by clicking on "Authorize Payment", the Customer confirms he is the credit card owner and that he authorizes the payment and agrees with the PICadvanced online store terms.


5.2 If the Customer choses Manual Payment, PICadvanced Bank details are presented in order for the customer to transfer the agreed total amount directly to PICadvanced bank account. The order will only be considered confirmed when the payment is validated by PICadvanced accounting team.


6. Product delivery


6.1 The delivery options will be available during the shopping process and before the payment is concluded.

6.2 The options available may vary depending on the delivery location.


6.3 The delivery time will be communicated to the Customer by e-mail within 3 working days. The minimum delivery period is two weeks. Concerning maximum delivery period, if it is less than 3 months, automatic acceptance by the Customer occurs. If the lead time is higher than 3 months, PICadvanced will contact the Customer and must receive an acknowledgement by written by the Customer of such acceptance. Partial deliveries can occur if agreed by both parties. The delivery period starts to count one day after the Customer receives the Order confirmation email, except in cases of force majeure. 6.4 It is also possible that if an Order has more than one Item they arrive separately.


6.5 If, for reasons that go beyond the Customer, the Order can’t be delivered, the Customer will be fully refunded, including the shipping costs, when applicable.


6.6 The delivery is considered concluded when a Customer, or someone indicated by him, is in possession of the Items.


7.Property and risk transfer


7.1 The Item will no longer belong to PICadvanced, but to the Customer, once the Order confirmation email is sent; the Customer will be responsible for the Item and what happens with it, from the delivery moment, as described in section 6.6, onwards.


8. Free withdrawal right


8.1 Free Withdrawal Right. Excepting the cases mentioned in section 8.1.5, the Customer has the right to end the contract with PICadvanced, within 14 days, without any need of explanation and without any costs, besides the ones established in sections 8.1.4 and 8.1.5, as long as the Items are unworn, undamaged, with all brand tags attached and the original packaging included, which shouldn’t be damaged or altered, besides what is considered normal for its opening.


8.1.1 The free withdrawal right is over in 14 days, counting from the day after the Customer, or someone by him indicated who is not the delivery carrier, receives the Items. If the Customer orders more than one Item, they can arrive separately and in different occasions, so the deadline taken into consideration is the delivery date of the last Item received.

8.1.2 In order to exercise his right of free withdrawal, the Customer needs to communicate his decision using the Contact Form available at the Let’s Talk Section, in


8.1.3 If the Customer exercises their right of free withdrawal, the PICadvanced online store will collect the Items in the delivery address or another one selected by the Customer, using the means mentioned in section 8.1.2.


8.1.4 When the Customer exercises their right of free withdrawal, they will be fully refunded, in a maximum time of 10 working days, counting from the date when PICadvanced receives the Items back and confirms what has been discussed in section 8.1. The refund will be processed to the same payment method that the Customer used when he placed the Order.


8.1.5 The customer will not be able to cease the contract in cases when the Customer acquired customized goods, specially manufactured according to the Customer’s specifications, or when the Items don’t comply with the conditions mentioned in section 8.1. In these situations, no refunds will be processed and, if the Items in question have been returned to the PICadvanced online store, the Customer should collect them, following PICadvanced instructions. If the Customer doesn’t collect the Items, they will be considered abandoned and will be destroyed, without any compensation to the Customer.


9. Returns and exchanges


9.1 Returns - The Customer is able to return defective or incorrect Items within 30 days, counting from the first day after their delivery.


9.1.1 A defective Item is an Item that doesn’t fulfill with the Contract terms, according to the law in force.


9.1.2 Review sections 8.1, 8.1.1 and 8.1.4, which are also applicable in this case.


9.2 Besides the topics mentioned in this section and section 8, no other returns or exchanges will be accepted.


10. Warranty


10.1 PICadvanced is responsible for managing the complaints, presented by the Customer.

10.2 The Customer is protected by a warranty that considers Product defects, purchased in the PICadvanced online store, in accordance to the law. Any deterioration that results from incorrect use of the Product is not considered a defect.


10.3 In cases when the Customer receives a defective Item, they should communicate it to PICadvanced, using the Contact Form, available at the Let’s Talk Section, in When the defect is confirmed, after the Item is returned, the Customer may choose to be refunded through the same payment method used for the purchase or an exchange.


10.4 After confirming the defect, PICadvanced will contact the Customer and check what is the preferred option (refund or exchange). If the Customer chooses to exchange the Item, a new Item will be sent via the same shipping method chosen before. If the Customer prefers a refund, this should be processed within a maximum of 10 working days, starting from the day when PICadvanced learned about the Customer’s decision.


11. Product information


11.1 PICadvanced makes all efforts to make sure the information of Items (Information) is complete, clear and accurate.


11.2 The Items’ photographs used in the Marketplace are performed with high quality with the purpose of being an accurate depiction of the original piece.


11.3 If the Customer wishes to have additional Information about the Items, they should contact PICadvanced team, using the available form at the Let’s Talk Section, in


12. Personal data


12.1 The Customer’s personal information provided to PICadvanced will be treated with respect according to the current legislation.


12.2 To inform the Customer of the privacy and data treatment general rules that PICadvanced follows, there’s available at the website PICadvanced Privacy Policy (Privacy Policy) that covers the use of cookies, storage engines and access to information of all the details collected by PICadvanced, during the Contract, which can be consulted at Please read PICadvanced Privacy Policy, before proceeding with any Orders in the PICadvanced online store.


13. Intellectual property


13.1 The Customer declares that they are fully aware that the content of the website, the designs, photographs, software, know-how, domains, business names, logos, brands, models and any other rights of intellectual property, registered or not, that may exist in the PICadvanced Online Store or related to it, are exclusive property of PICadvanced.


14. Force majeure


14.1 Nor PICadvanced, its partners or the Customer will be responsible for carrying out their obligations to the Contract, when the Contract is broken for any force majeure, as described below:


14.2 “Force Majeure” is an event that stops any of the parties to fulfill with their part of the Contract, and that is not controlled by any of them, such as:

(a) Acts of war or terrorism, rebellions, riots, blockings, uprisings and civil commotion;

(b) Acts of sabotage or vandalism;

(c) Earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes and cyclones, storms, fires, floods or other climate/environmental extreme conditions, meteorites, shock waves caused by aerial devices, explosions, chemical or radioactive contamination;

(d) Acts of public authority (legal, governmental or other) as long as it’s not the defaulting party’s fault;

(e) Any other event that all parties agree that is force majeure.


14.3 The defaulting party must immediately notify the non-defaulting party of the force majeure event, providing reasonable proof of what happened and take all the necessary measures to limit or restrain the impact of this force majeure.


15. Applicable law and competent court

15.1 The contractual relationship between PICadvanced and the Customer is under the Portuguese law and the Portuguese Court Jurisdiction.


16. Suggestions, complaints and alternative consumer dispute resolution


16.1 When the Customer wishes to present a suggestion or complaint related to the services or products of the PICadvanced Online Store, they should use the Contact Form, available at the Let’s Talk Section, in


16.2 In cases of dispute when none of the parties reached an agreement, the Customer, as a consumer, can always appeal to the European online platform for settlement of disputes in


17. Others


17.1 The epigraphs of these clauses and their paragraphs have been included for convenience and they will not affect the reading of the Terms and Conditions.


17.2 The terms and expressions used in singular or plural can be used both in singular and plural, without changing their meaning.


17.3 If any of the articles of these Terms and Conditions is declared total or partially null or invalid, inefficient or unenforceable, it will not affect the other articles or the terms of the Contract. Last Update August 30th, 2019. PICadvanced has the right to review or amend these Terms and Conditions.

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