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The BOSA is used for 1270nm Tx/1577 (1575~1580nm) Rx 9.953 Gbps/ 9.953 Gbps Diplexer
Optical Module BOSA consists of 1270 nm multi-quantum-well structured DFB laser diode, a 1577 nm digital receiver integrated by a WDM filter. It is suitable for XGSPON ONU transceiver module.


Temperature Range
  • • Single Fiber 10G/ 10GPON ONU BOSA with SC/APC Pigtail

    • DFB 1270nm laser diode as 9.9853~10.3Gbps transmitter
    •  APD 1577nm with TIA as 9.9853~10.3Gbps pre-amplifier receiver

    • Single mode fiber package with Pigtail SC/APC connector
    • Kink free P-I characteristics with high return loss

  • • XGSPON Transceiver module

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