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SFP+ Combo PON OLT C+ C-temp


SFP+ Combo PON OLT C+ C-temp

  • • Support both ITU-T G9807.1 & G.987.2 XGSPON & XGPON OLT

    • N2/N2a and ITU-T G.984.2 GPON OLT C+ application

    • Single fiber Quad-directional data links, and the four wavelengths can work simultaneously
    • XGSPON & XGPON 1577nm 9.953Gbps continuous-mode transmitter with EML laser, 1270nm 9.953Gbps & 2.488Gbps burst-mode receiver with APD-TIA (with RESET), with GPON 1490nm 2.488Gbps continuous-mode transmitter with DFB laser, 1310nm 1.244Gbps burst-mode receiver with APD-TIA (with RESET)
    • 2-wire interface for integrated digital diagnostic monitoring
    • Digital receiving signal strength indication (RSSI)
    • SFP+ MSA package with SC/UPC receptacle optical interface
    • +3.3V power supply
    • C-Temp case temperature
    • RoHS6 compliance

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