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XFP NG-PON2  ONU Class 3

Please note that the minimum order quantity (MOQ) for this product is 10 units. Any orders below this quantity will not be accepted.


The XFP NG-PON2 ONU Class 3 transceiver is a hot-pluggable high-performance module for single-fiber communication and is intended for NG-PON2 ONU application in an XFP housing. It can tune and operate in full 4 channels/wavelengths, according to ITU G.989.2, with 9.95328Gbps in both continuous-mode downstream and burst-mode upstream, and supports distances up to 20 km.

The module transmitter can be controlled by the LVTTL TX_BEN and TX_MOD_DIS functions, and the receiver has LVTTL RX_LOS signaling.


This module also provides digital diagnostic information of its operating conditions and status, including module temperature, transmitter and receiver optical power and supply voltage according to ITU G989.2 recommendation.


  • • 10 Gbps laser diode
    • 10 Gbps high-sensitive APD-TIA
    • NG-PON2 compliant
    • Class 3 tuning time
    • C-Temp orI-Temp case temperature

  • • NG-PON2
    • FTTH
    • WDM systems

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