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PICadvanced offer an extensive know-how in the digital optical communication field based on high experience in the development, assembly and testing of digital optical components, aiming an efficient convergence between electronics and photonics.

PICadvanced offers capability for designing electronic circuits mainly oriented to optical network systems transceivers based on optical sub-assembly components or photonic integrated circuits. Our stack of development goes from the requisites to production validation and production automation tools development enabling your ideas to become a best seller in the market.

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Electronic Design and Layout

Electronic Assembly and Bring-up

PICadvanced has the ability to deal with assembling and testing of opto-electronic technologies from an early stage of development until the last step of the product,  having as premium PCB assembly partner HFA with more than 20 years experience on the field.

We provide fully assembly solutions of telecommunications equipment according to the requirements of the customers, combining efficient and innovative test solutions offering a customized product.

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Design Software, Firmware and DSP

PICadvanced has the proven know-how to provide customized design applications and algorithms based on software, firmware or digital signal processing (DSP) units, covering a wide variety of business services such as web applications, electronics, or telecommunications market. PICadvanced widespread experience includes, design and modeling of control and automation systems for telecommunications technologies such as thermal control and laser tuning and design of software-based applications to real-time systems including advanced DSP algorithms.

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Consulting Software, Firmware and DSP

We can help to solve most concept problems by providing support in its research areas. Challenged mainly on the fiber optic network systems, PICadvanced has an extensive portfolio in the different areas which can allow prototypes and products to become more than just an idea. Within its services, it can be highlighted the design of various optical transceivers as well as automation of reliable and cost-effective manufacturing processes, automation and control in real-time high-speed rate processing using platforms such as microcontrollers or FPGAs.

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