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Based on 6 years of experience, PICadvanced portfolio evidences its great expertise in simulation, design, packaging, and testing of optical components based on traditional optics and integrated optical circuits not only for future access networks but also for other applications.

Design and Layout

Through a multidisciplinary team, PICadvanced offers the simulation and design capability of optical components for the different platforms available in the market. In addition we can provide the capability of layout the required photonic integrated circuit according to the desired foundry pushing your ideas into the next big product.



PICadvanced has an innovative packaging solution to offer that can be delivered at housing or transceiver level. With its proprietary packaging platform, which has a high degree of freedom for optical, electrical alignment, and thermal management, we can adapt a custom solution to a wide variety of PIC designs and applications, enabling your business to thrive in the opto-electronic market.


Test and Characterization

At PICadvanced, we have been testing photonic integrated circuits in the last 6 years and holds significant experience and facilities to perform full characterization at a component, module, and transceiver level.

By having our lab equipped to provide not only the full characterization of individual components but also to enable the photonic integrated circuit in a subsystem if required. Our test and records procedure are according to the best industry practices, allowing to achieve high Technology Readiness Level.



If you have an idea that needs optoelectronic processing with state-of-the-art proven technology, PICadvanced offers consulting service to support customers to solve their most problems from concept to implementation, including workflow control and supply chain enabling your dreams to become reality.

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